ASUU Strike vs FG : Reasons Why ASUU Strike Has Helped Both Students and Lecturers

ASUU Strike has not Just started in Nigeria, this is as a result of the inability of federal Government to meet the demands of Salary of workers. There are some things that happens that seems to affect Students but in the long run one need to know that there are other way out to scale through and have your way. Therefore, just as ASUU Strike has been going on since November 15 2018 till date which has not yielded a good fruit. From one meeting to another, from one demonstration or protest to another but all to no avail. This has really affected the lectures and calendar of various students of Nigerian Universities.

ASUU Strike vs FG

Meanwhile, it is on the part of students to be creative and positive in all they do while they are away from school. Thus, developing themselves with one skill or the other that will broaden their knowledge and make them financially boyant. Most student will find it fun while they are away from school while some may find it budensome and this is because they soully depend on their certificate for employment. Let me now ask you, who told you that there is Job in this country?

In the same vein, there are 80% of graduate that are feeding with their various skills that was learnt. One can only go to higher institutions to acquire knowledge and know how to build one skill or the other. Let me shock you, most persons that studied law, mass communication even medicine and sugry are still into one skill or the other. How be it, after graduation and during NYSC program you tend to teach other coup members and get some fee from teaching them one skill or the other. Isnt it great?  its more than great.

However, you may pass in school and not eventually pass in real life. Someone that made an upper credit will still come to pay some token to learn a skill from you, this is actually the irony of life. After graduation many will still package there certificate and go after their choice of career.

Moreover, the time you should have used to get skill while you were in school or while on strike. We have seen series of persons upon graduation still go out there to learn the skill. The only difference is that they are only educated entrepreneur.

On the other hand, ASUU Strike VS Federal Government has really become a controversy. From one demonstration or protest to another but all to no avail. We see FG saying they will create thousands of Jobs in the country but we see all these are just propaganda which makes them Sycophant.

It will be fun and nice if you become an employer of labour rather than and employee. You then to meet the demands of people. As Digital Marker or Blogger you can equally build more free lancer who will keep writing for you and you pay them some token. As Graphics Designer you can keep designing for party, churches, Schools, hotels etc thereby giving totorials to other persons that are willing to learn. As a Fashion designer or tailor you can equally employ some persons that will help you work in order to meet the deadline of clothes that should be sewn. Also, as a Photographer you can keep snapping for people until you are connected to politician who will need only your service.

Why crying and saying you don't have the capital to start the skill while you can easily start small. There are Some Top Entrepreneur who didn't go to Higher institutions which include Dangote, Bill Gate etc. This actually means that ones creativity can take someone far.

Show me a man who feed only on his certificate and I will show you a man who feeds and employ people through is skills. The book of Proverb says my people perish because of lack of knowledge. The opposite of knowledge is ignorance and the opposite of life is perish.

This is the Main Reason while ASUU Strike has helped Students. Consequently, lecturer in their own part can find a business or another source of livlihood instead of depending on the monthly salary that is not even acertained. Lecturers can also dim it fit to ensure they study their various courses to enable students understand effectively.

This is the reason why ASUU Strike has done more good than harm. Hence, students are able to meet the skill earlier started above.


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