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There is always guidelines that follows any discipline or any thing that is being done in a given country, its all left for one to be mindful of how to go about the principles and how it should be done in order not to make any form of mistake. It is also the same with INEC 2019 General Elections Guidelines.

In the same vein, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has giving out some great tips and Guidelines that follows INEC 2019 General Elections. These are the guidelines, Importance, Types of Election  that are follows the 2019 INEC General Elections below,

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INEC 2019 General Elections Guidelines


Here are the Guidelines 2019 General Elections

All electorate Should;

1. Go to the polling unit by 8:oo AM.

2. Have your Permanent Voter Card (PVC) scanned.

3. Verify all your information and details which shows it is correct.

4. Since it is a secret ballot system every electorate is expected to use your fingers to pick the ink 

5. Apply on the political party of your choice

Note: Don't allow the ink to reflect on any other box. It will be indicated invalid if not properly done.

 Importance of Election in Nigeria 

The Importance of Election in Nigeria can not be over emphasize. Election are usually done every four years to enable the electorate vote for the best candidate of their choice. The following are the importance of participating in General election in Nigeria. 

1. Election is the process of choosing a candidate that will lead the country for some period of time.

2. Election is done in order to have a change of government.

3. Election is done to have some laws enshrined in the constitution

4. Election is done to have some kind of political stability

5. To enable free and fair election

6. To enable political Participation

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Types of Election

1. Primary Election

Candidate are chosen by few persona in the same political party. They are candidate who will represent the political party in the forth coming general election. 

2. General Election

 This type of election that involve the representative that was elected the primary election that will represent the political party. Electorate cast their vote to any candidate of their choice. Majority of the vote cast is the winner of such election. The type of vote is usually simple ballot system, second ballot or secret ballot but Nigeria mostly use the secret ballot system to make the election free and fair.

3. Referendum

 Here is the type of election that requires the Yes or no answer in order to grant a group of persons will to lead themselves. One group can agitate until they are given the freedom to be governed by a leader

4. Bye Election

The the type of election done to fill a vacant seat. for example, if a leader dies a bye election will be done to fill such seat.

The above INEC 2019 General Election Guidelines must have educated you on how the Election will be done.For any Question ensure you do well do make good use of the comment box below.

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