Story about Me, My Friends and a Street Girl - By Igwe Ofor David

There was this girls in my street she was everything my mom warned me to stay away from but how can I stay away from her, when the things she possessed are the kind that makes the mighty fall.

I don't know in who's image she was made, but I do know she was all shades of curves and confusion. Her behind is a colossal disaster enormous enough to cause commotion in the market. Don't even talk about her chest cause it's the kind of thing that compels you to steal a stare even if your destiny is at stake.

"Truth be say this girl fine and she be cheerful giver"

All you need do is ask and she will give you the password to her paradise

She was the one that made my street the new Jerusalem where every boys wanted to visit, if not to participate in the spiritual affair, at least to witness this curvaceous wonder.

All of a sudden she disappeared, no body knew her whereabouts. I hardly even think about her disappearance until my phone rang this morning, it was Chinedu.

As I picked he said:

"Hello guy you remember that girl way be day cus wahala for our street"

"Which girl" I asked

"That cheerful giver girl way yellow com carry back and front, way be day leave down the street"

"Ok. Evelyn."

"Na Evelyn she tell you? Guy na Rose she talk say her name be o, she even tell Kingsley say she be Lola. Well Sha that no be the main gist. I hear say anybody way browse that girl internet na only 3 month he get to live. I hear say many people don kpai oo. I just say make I tell you"

Immediately he dropped the call, I sank into depression not that I'm a regular customer of the girl, I was brought up in a godly way, she tempted me I stood my ground for days then I decided to go once.

I mean I only visited ones. Now I don't know what my hope is.

Don't call me names o, shebi you know something must kill a man.

Just pray for me.

© Igwe Ofor David

What are the lessons one can derive from this story? Do well to make good use of the comment box below. Thanks.
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